Welcome to the Year 5 - 8 Coaching

As young Netballers progress through the Junior Programme the coaching activities become slightly more advanced while still being age appropriate. At Year 5 - 8 level, players are experiencing the 7 versus 7 traditional Netball game. Coaches will need to have greater knowledge of tactical play whilst still developing a player’s skill base. The Year 5 - 8 toolkit provides a wide variety of activities for coaches to use when developing skills and tactics.

Further coach development opportunities for Year 5 - 8 coaches are being offered in Zones and Centre’s. These are ‘My Team and Me’ and the ‘Starting Out in Coaching’ workshops. Coaches may also wish to attend other developing modules from Netball New Zealand’s (NNZ) Coach Development Framework. The ‘Player Centred Coaching Module’ is a prerequisite to all developing modules.

For more information on what is available in your Centre or Zone, please contact your local Zone or Centre or NNZ CoachForce.

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