ANZ Skills Session

Netball is fun, fast and exciting.  It is a true team sport and is a great way to get or stay fit.Netball is the number one female participation sport in New Zealand and Australia. 

So if you have ever thought about playing, now is the time to give it a go.

Netball is delivered throughout New Zealand by five Zones who support 87 Centres.

To find out where you can play, contact your Zone and they will provide you with details for your local Netball Centre. Please click here

For detailed information on the fitness levels required for netball (from Secondary School onwards) read:

Fitness Testing Guidelines for Players & Umpires

 If you are a player who isn’t getting a lot of court time, or you are thinking of trialing for a new team, we can help you with some great advice on that too – check out:

Court Time

There are only seven positions in netball, but they are all important.

Choose your bib and play!

Goal Keep


Defends direct opponent GS with one-on-one defence within the goal third.

Take throw-in on goal-line and halfway up sidelines in goal third.

Skills of anticipation, interception, rebounding and one-on-one defence.

Positional Leaflet - Goal Keep

Goal Defence


Defends direct opponent GA with one-on-one defence in goal third & centre third.

Works with GK in goal circle.

Supports through court attack.

Skills of anticipation, interception & rebounding are needed.

 Positional Leaflet - Goal Defence

Wing Defence


Works in the centre and defence third.

Opponent is the WA.

Can be used as an attacking player at the centre pass and through court to the attacking transverse line.

Support through court attack.

Skills of one-one defence, anticipation and interception are needed.

Positional Leaflet - Wing Defence



Can move over the whole court, but not into the goal circles.

Acts as a link player between the defence third and the attacking third.

Defends the opposing centre one-on-one.

Skills of passing, footwork & vision.

Positional Leaflet - Centre

Wing Attack


Able to move in centre third & attacking goal third, but not the goal circle.

Main feeder & passer of the ball to shooters.

Works with GA to gain centre passes.

Defends WD one-on-one.

Skills needed are quick dodges, ability to turn fully & use a variety of passes.

Positional Leaflet - Wing Attack

Goal Attack


GA can move in centre & attacking thirds.

Able to shoot for goal.

Works closely with WA to gain centre pass, and with GS to score goals.

Defends GD one-on-one.

Requires wise use of space, communication with WA & GS, shooting & rebounding skills.

 Positional Leaflet - Goal Attack

Goal Shoot


Moves in and around goal third goal circle

Main role is to shoot goals.

Communicates with GA.

Defends GK one-on-one.

Short, sharp movements, shooting & rebounding skills are required.

Positional Leaflet - Goal Shoot