The Lessons of Sport for Everyone

We hear a lot about the “things that sport teaches”. So what are some of these “things”?

  • Self disciplines that some may never choose to learn in normal educational environments. To be good at sport or participate for long periods everyone has to accept that there are rules and expectations that cannot be broken and that as other aspects of our society appear to be losing energy to maintain ethics and morals, sport is one of the last parts of society to reinforce correct behaviour
  • Sport gives us the opportunity to learn to think and apply that thought to not only sport but all parts of our lives
  • Time management is a must for all people in sport. If one is poor at this they let others down. Sport is like a family and has unwritten expectations and one is that you do not let down your mates or people you associate with
  • Sport promotes hard work. There are less and less areas of society that demands hard work and sport educates people how to put maximum effort into what they are doing.
  • Attitude is a key factor in sporting participation as one develops or improves a good attitude towards themselves, their teammates and all they associate with
  • Sport teaches confidence or courage and to do ones best for the team first and themselves second. Sport tends to put all these issues into perspective as we all have more failures than successes and it teaches us to enjoy the success and deal with and learn from the failures.
  • Teamwork is also developed through sport as people participate in teams through the years, this trait becomes second nature and is learnt without specific teaching
  • Fair play is an important part of sport as if people are to continue to coexist they must always know how to get along with each other and to do this a sense of fair play is required. People will never share and be kind to each other if they do not believe in fair play
  • Respect is a major part of the benefits of sport as all participants are taught to respect each other, the umpire or referee and all involved.
  • Sport makes great friendships and associates who you can always call on.

What lessons can you learn and pass on from being involved in sport?

Best wishes,

Tim Hamilton

Chief Executive Officer


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