FAQs for Centres


What is Sportsground/Sporty?

Sporty is the digital platform officially chosen by Netball NZ for member and competition management for the community game of netball nationally. Sporty.co.nz is supplied by Sportsground Ltd, and is the largest web software platform for managing sport in New Zealand.  NNZ is now meeting the costs of Sporty under a centralised enterprise agreement.

Why did NNZ choose Sporty?

The Sporty platform was chosen by NNZ after a formal process that included an extensive review of competing technology. The Sporty platform continues to be continuously developed to support the evolving needs of Netball Centres across New Zealand.

What does this mean for Netball Centres?

Most Netball Centres in New Zealand were already subscribing directly to solutions from Sporty. The NNZ agreement means that for 8 years from 1 December 2022 Netball New Zealand will meet the costs for a comprehensive suite of solutions from Sporty for all Centres nationally.

Which solutions from Sporty are included?

NNZ is meeting the costs for all Centres to receive the following solutions from Sporty:

  • National online registration platform - the hierarchical web input forms known as 'SuperForms' that are used to register netballers and facilitate team entries from clubs and schools.
  • Local web input forms/databases - the web form builder software on the Sporty platform that allows Centres to create and display their own local online forms and databases.
  • CRM/Member Management - the customer relationship management software branded as 'SuperCRM' that is used for contact management, reporting and communication.
  • Competition Management System - 'SKED' competition management system that is used for the management of game draws, results and standings.
  • Mobile App for live scoring - a NNZ branded version of the Sporty live scoring App called 'MyNetball Manager' that allows netball managers to see their fixtures, submit team sheets and score games live instead of using old score cards.

What other solutions might Centres still wish to pay Sporty for separately?

  • Website design/redesign.
  • Custom mobile apps with Centre branding.
  • Email volumes that exceed these free 'Fair Use' limits.
  • Graphic design services.
  • Extra support (eg weekly check-ins, operational advice).
  • Creation of content (eg writing news articles, drafting eNewsletters, creating or copying website content).
  • Cleansing/de-duplication of historical databases collated outside Sporty.
  • Import of historical databases collated outside Sporty.
  • Ad hoc training sessions (eg one-on-one training beyond the group training webinars we provide annually).
  • Integration with third-party software.
  • eCommerce payment processing.

What is the full process for our Centre to get on board for the 2023 season?

  1. Complete the Services Request Form here as soon as you can.
  2. Someone from Sporty will then contact you to identify which new services you need and walk through the process and timeline for your Centre.
  3. The Sporty onboarding team will provision the solutions for your Centre
  4. For Centres that are newly using SKED competition management system, you’ll be provided with a template spreadsheet to complete with things like your courts and grades so that Sporty can configure SKED for you.
  5. During October 2022 Sporty will provide 4 group training webinars as follows:
    1. Online forms, registrations and team entries
    2. SuperCRM member management and comms
    3. SKED Competition Management System
    4. MyNetball Manager game day app
  6. We will provide examples of template comms Centres can adapt to inform your clubs and schools about any new solutions and processes for the 2023 season (to be sent out ahead of the season so there are no surprises).
  7. Sporty will provide you with online support resources, User Guides, escalation procedures and will ensure your Centre website has clear instructions for clubs and schools.
  8. Sporty will also provide you with a PIN to their helpdesk 0800 number that you can use if you have been unable to resolve a query using the online support (for Centre use only, not to be given out).

Where does the data go when people register online?

When people register online, each record automatically updates to an online member database that is provided for each club and school in New Zealand. All records automatically become visible to the Centre and upwards to the Zone and NNZ. Data can only be used at each level for the purpose it was provided. NNZ will be providing guidance on data privacy and obligations under the Privacy Act 2020 and the Incorporated Societies Act 2022.

When do we need to advise which solutions our Centre wants for 2023?

As soon as possible. Please complete this Services Request form and someone will be in touch. Please note the last date for Centres to request new services for the 2023 season is 1 October 2022. This is to ensure there is sufficient time to get your Centre set up and for you to communicate any change in processes to your clubs/schools this year.