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ANZ partners with the Silver Ferns; increases commitment to women’s sport

The Silver Ferns have received a boost ahead of the 2018 Commonwealth Games and Netball World Cup 2019 with ANZ joining the team as a major partner.

The partnership is a significant one for women’s sport in New Zealand, with the Silver Ferns one of the leading sporting brands in the country.

ANZ joins a growing stable of partners recognising the standing and importance of Netball, and in turn women’s sport, in the New Zealand sporting landscape.

Netball New Zealand chief executive Jennie Wyllie welcomes ANZ’s growing commitment to Netball, which also includes the ANZ Premiership, New Zealand’s new elite Netball league.

“We are delighted that ANZ believes as strongly as we do about the strength and power of women’s sport in New Zealand, particularly the Silver Ferns,” Netball New Zealand chief executive Jennie Wyllie said.

"This partnership will support us as we aim to make Netball a sport of choice that inspires the next generation.”

Netball, as New Zealand’s pre-eminent sport for women and girls, plays a vital role in helping shape lives. Wyllie says it has reached beyond the sporting arena in its influence across many key areas of society.

“In adding to New Zealand’s rich sporting legacy, Netball has also provided a platform for women to become influential figures in many facets of life beyond the Netball court,” she said.

“Young netballers across the country dream of wearing the Black Dress – the next Maria Tutaia, Shannon Francois or Katrina Grant. Earlier generations have grown up watching Dame Lois Muir, Sandra Edge, Waimarama Taumaunu, Lesley Rumball, Irene van Dyk and Casey Kopua.

“Netball is a sport full of positive, healthy role models that youngsters can aspire to; while the popularity and numbers playing the sport at the grassroots continues to highlight and promote the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.”

ANZ chief executive David Hisco said the team at ANZ is incredibly proud to support all levels of Netball in New Zealand.

“Netball has the highest level of female participation in New Zealand, from junior to an elite level,” he said.

“There’s also growing public engagement with female sports in general. We have some amazing sportswomen in this country, none less so than our Silver Ferns, who are strong role models for aspiring players.

“We’re really pleased to support them in their exciting season ahead, and with the Commonwealth Games next year.”